Friday, July 29, 2005

KU Construction Hazards and Dashed Techie Hopes

A Dilemma
I actually watched a guy fall up the stairs on the way to Bailey Hall. Yep, it was ugly. The kind of fall that sends notebooks flying in the bushes and scrapes knees against the concrete.

I was walking far enough behind that by the time I reached him, he was standing again, braced against the hand-support. That's when I saw blood. And he was no longer making an effort to get up the stairs.

What does a person do in this situation? Do I offer to help him the rest of the way? Or walk past under the pretense that I hadn't seen the incident?

The question is this: Which hurts more: trying to limp up the stairs on an injured knee or the scathed pride at having fallen *badly* in front of a person of the opposite sex?

Internet Explorer with Tabs?
That's a nice feature, but I would *much* rather have a browser that is standards compliant like just about EVERY OTHER browser on the market.

Here's a review of IE 7.0 I pulled from Slashdot.

A Subtle Note to Gates:
CSS-Support! Just *do* it! The most-used browser on the planet is stuck in the Ice Age. I'm going to bomb Microsoft if I have to include *one* more hack specific to fixing YOUR STUPID BROWSER in my code again...


Drew said...

oh bless your heart! thank you for the comment. your blog is an utter triumph as well!

blue2go said...

Thanks for stopping by! I like it here, mind if I link ya?

Dubhthach said...


I've got IE7 up and running at work, it's grand enough, nice having tabs when it comes to working with Sharepoint that's for sure. (not everything worked in sharepoint if you used Firefox). Here's a screenshot.

And while i'm at it here's one of XP in irish (microsoft released a pack the other week)

Thia Michelle said...

Nope... thanks for the link, blue2go. :)

Dubhatch, thanks for the screenshots. It gives me somewhat of an idea.

Do you know if sharepooint doesn't work with firefox because of *firefox's* limitations or because MS doesn't allow it cross-browsers (As in, you can only visit Windows Update with IE)?

I'm not very familiar with the project.

Thanks again!

Dubhthach said...


Sharepoint is microsoft portal software ("Sharepoint Portal Server 2003" & "Windows Sharepoint Services") so i'm not surprised there are issues with Firefox, they tend to be minor enough stuff like cosmetic etc. though some of integration stuff doesn't work either due to Firefox not supporting ActiveX.

If you like when i'm in the office tuesday (public holiday here monday) i can test some of your css stuff for you in IE7. Either that or drop ye a line with a special download link ;)

Ilaiy said...

Use firefox .. it is a much better browser than IE


Thia Michelle said...

Gee, Ilaiy... thanks. Because I had never heard of Firefox before.

A few of my posts where I basically drop down on my knees begging visitors to switch to Firefox:
Adblock for Spyware
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Wonder Dogs and Smelly Trash
Firefox Woes

Note to future posters: If you're looking to unabashedly advertise your site, at least read the blog first so you don't sound like a moron when you leave a comment.

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