Thursday, June 22, 2006


Me and Jeremy
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Lots of changes in the past month or so. Here's an update:

Jeremy and I got married June 2, 2006 in a lovely informal ceremony in Reno. See our pics here. The big ceremony is still set for next year (June 2, '07) in Kansas.

Internship Status
I've accepted a full-time position with the Database and Information Services Team in Intel's Folsom branch. I will be working in software development and database administration. I officially start this position Monday (June 26th).

This changes several plans for me, namely that instead of returning to KU in August, I am permanently moving to California now. 9 months from now, I will have successfully completed my probationary period and can look into transferring to another university such as UC Davis to wrap up my B.S. in Computer Science.

Jeremy is packing up all our stuff and will be joining me on an internship with Intel next week. He'll return to KU (unfortunately, without me) to wrap up his degree in January.

Summer Project Ideas: Gnome's Women Summer of Code

Apparently, the F/OSS community is hurting for female developers. In an effort to encourage women, Gnome is offering a Summer of Code Project for women here. After reading extensive Gnome-directed criticism, I am convinced that a great need exists for a spark in feminine technical interest if a level playing field across genders in these areas can ever be achieved. So, I applaud Gnome and would like to show my support. I have been seriously considering applying for a project this summer.

If you're a female student interested in a project like this for the summer, review some gnome-suggested projects here, then apply here. Applications are due July 1. The project pays $3,000 for two months of work.

You've hung with me so far, so you might as well check out this dell laptop that caught on fire at a Japanese Technical conference. :)