Thursday, January 06, 2005

Welcome Thia's Digital Playpen

Thia Michelle

My homepage is up!... Again
Well... Technically I have had a homepage for almost a year that I was too embarrassed to show anyone. Now, it's a whopping single page with no links and a paragraph of content. Woohoo! But, my skeleton is out there and i will be loading it with useful info over the next few days.

Just wanted to let you guys know that you can *visit me* officially. I had a lot of fun with CSS and GIMP (an open-sourced Photoshop-like program) building it. And yes... that's my neck featured on the page so I'm not snagging anyone else's copyrighted stuff ;). Let me know what you think!

Browsers, blah blah
Oh and to give you the heads up... If you're running Internet Explorer of *any* version, my site won't render properly because Bill Gates is an evil man who is too busy making money to worry about making a quality browser.

OK, so the man isn't satan, but you should run out and install Mozilla Firefox right away. It's free, small, aesthetically *very* pleasing and the tabbed browsing is very addicting. If you already have firefox, you're a genius and beautiful and need no help from me. If you're not, run to it... don't think. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Also, Jeremy has updated his site with all kinds of useful information about computer-related problems. He has a very nice *and* functional site and was very sweet giving me comments to help me make my homepage more aesthetically pleasing. You can visit him here. Very nice, baby :).

Everyone stay warm because the weather here sucks still thanks to Mark.



Dena Marie said...

I didn't think that your last homepage was bad. I guess that is just my ignorance and inexperience in computers talking. I do like your new website though. I am sure that it will be beautiful and keep getting even better as you build it. I hope that you have fun doing that. I would hate to actually build my homepage where I actually did cool stuff on it. I am sure you would kick me out of the apartment real quick for bothering you too much with questions. I'll wait a while till I can figure more out on my own. I am getting better though, I think. You may not, but I have been searching for help, too, instead of always just asking --even though that is much easier. But I know that is not your style. Anyway, keep up all the cool techie stuff. You're my hero. (Even though you DO eat seafood) Alright, bye for now.
**Dena Marie**

Anonymous said...


The site looks good. That's one thing I'm missing in my designs, I'm terrible with athetics. The best webdesign I do is when I'm working with a Graphic Designer. They do the graphics, and tell me how they wanted laid out, and I'll to the back end work to make it do what they want it to. I think I've sent you the link to my webpage before but here it is again. I'm sure you're going ot get into dynamic webpages, but in my opinion that is the way to go. My site has only one page to it and that is index.php. Everything else is controled by passing variables and running SQL queries agains a database to retrieve the information desired. I'll send you the actual php document so you can see the backend, all you see if you view the source is html. Anyhow. Just wanted to say I think it looks good, and you've inspired me to work on my page and implement more use of CSS in them.



Anonymous said...
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Lauren said...

Thia -

Your webpage is awesome! I know its just one page, but I think its cool and I'm super-interested in learning CSS, you're so inspiring! I also love your graphics work, you're awesome! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

- Lauren