Friday, December 03, 2004

Wonder Dogs and Smelly Trash

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Not to be completely random in my news interests, but wow! I can't believe a woman actually performed a c-section on her own dog! That's amazing and the puppies are really cute, too. (Warning: This article is bittersweet, but if you still want to read about it, go here.)

So Wednesday was the day the release candidate for Thunderbird 1.0 came out. All you bloggers out there should be particularly happy about the added RSS Feeds features and support. Exciting news!

--I'm taking for granted that everyone out there is running Firefox right now and has dumped IE, right? --Better, safer and much more aesthetically pleasing web browser that's completely free. Yea Mozilla!

Due to popular demand (aka Dena thinks its a good idea), I want to let you know that I will be starting a new blog soon and will be posting some stories and poetry regularly. I'll put a link to it on my sidebar, so if anyone has any comments I am definitely open to critique. I'm hoping someday to be published, so honesty is valued.

Oh, one more thing. Dena, I know you're reading this: take out the trash, ok? It's really starting to stink like your cooking! ;)



Dena Marie said...

My cooking doesn't smell bad! And I take out the trash a lot. That's all for now. **Dena Marie**

Thia Michelle said...

Hey D.,
I know you work hard. I was just kidding about the trash. Love ya! -T.