Tuesday, March 22, 2005

10 reasons why Spring Break Rocks...

Thia Michelle

Top 10 List of why Spring Break Rocks My World

10. Dillons marks down their low-grade hair color half-off.

9. The Greeks are gone and can't raise tuition anymore this week.

8. I don't have to read Jane Eyre for at least 7 seven days and can devote my efforts to intellectually unstimulating time-wasters like Dean Koontz and Arthur Machen guilt-free.

7. My next-door neighbors took their adorable dog to the boarders during their alcohol-fest in Cancun, so I can open my window and inhale fresh air without the pungent reminder of sweet little Zoe's presents.

6. I can actually get a treadmill at the Student Rec. Center (for those of you at KU, you know what I'm talking about).

5. I can spend hours each day researching new (at least new to me) web-dev tricks... Hurray for HTML template tags!

4. 5 days straight of guaranteed Dr.Phil/Oprah watching... wohoo!

3. Episode III comes out in less than 60 days... Seriously, this movie is going to be scarily good.

2. Finally, the time to delve into my Linux partition and understand better why mplayer is broken by default or research a better browser-imbedded multimedia player... I miss watching my mtv-vids :(

1. My hair is red!! That's so cool.

Something about Kansas B-Ball
Everyone is really bummed about our devastating loss to Bucknell... Who's Bucknell? Exactly. I will miss the seniors. They deserved better...

But in spite of present circumstance, I hope this post was somewhat uplifting. Have fun this Break :)

See y'all on the flipside.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Cincy plays dirty ball

So, I am a little peeved that my bracket is messed up for a round because Iowa lost today, but honestly... I thought hacking as a practiced strategy of basketball was reserved for bad free-throw shooters (cough... Shaq... cough), but I stand corrected. The battered and bruised Iowa team was sent home packing in the NCAAs this afternoon while Cincinatti's bullying-tactics earned them the right to progress into round two.

How are your brackets doing? See mine here.

On a plus! Spring Break is finally here, so more time for web-development and cyber-growth overall. Wohoo! My time is mine... muah ha ha ha ha... More soon :)