Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ubuntu is so Cool, It's too Bad their Colors Suck

Jeremy and I found a deal at Best Buy we couldn't pass up: 80G Hardrive, Sempron 3000 E-Machine. So we whipped out the credit card and did the "college thing," making purchases we can't afford.

The Service Rep
Fending this guy off proved a feat. He was going through his top-sellers-list, "offering" us: a firewall, anti-virus (which all KU students can get for *free*), etc.

When my polite attempts to quickly get out of the store failed, Jeremy stepped in, "Dude, we're gonna put linux on this thing as soon as we get it back."

The rep paled and silenced. Best Buy should maybe train their reps better, so they know a little about competitor products and not just the memorized, stock answers Best Buy wants them to shove down people's throats.

Installing Ubuntu
This is my favorite linux distro. that I've tried so far. The Ubuntu community offers a plethera of solid faqs for *every* question you could ever want answered unlike any distribution I've seen. The GUI is intuitive and friendly... but well, unfortunately kind of ugly.

What's with the diarrhea-brown everywhere? C'mon, you guys are *this* close to perfect.

Anyway, we don't have to look at it since we're running it console only.

A $300 toy
So, using it as a secure shell/web server sounded like a great idea for us in the store... Fast-foward to today: the thing is set up (on the floor since neither of us have an extra desk), ready to go and we don't have any files we want to put on the thing. Maybe we didn't plan this through very responsibly.

...At least it's fun to play with. :)

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Randal W. Lovelace said...

Ubuntu's colors can be changed to any of the 16 million colors your monitor will support.. it's just a matter of knowing where to go to do it... I happen to use Fedora Core 4, and changing everything 'I see' is reletively easy.
Don't know if your into IRC chatting but on the Freenode Server of IRC, there is an Ubuntu channel, don't directly ask, typically they tell you RTFM.....which is typical, ask where to get to read the manual, and possibly which of the man pages it's located in...(if you sound like your helping yourself they will help you.)