Friday, July 22, 2005

So Long-horn...

Microsoft officially anounced the new name of the Longhorn operating system superceding XP today as Window's Vista. Reported additional features give us home users much to be excited about.

For the Developers and Home Users
"Click Once" application technology is purported to beef up Visual Studio and ease application installation securely.

Also, the new addition of "Aero," a dynamic side-bar holding relevant applications to add power to the standard Windows Task Bar. Possibly borrowing from the Apple dock?

For the Gamers
Vista implements the new Avalon (API) graphical subsystem for better rendering of 3D graphics based on Direct3D technologies.

If anyone has tried the beta version of this OS and has any feedback, feel free to post your impressions. I'd be interested to know.

Tangent Links
Here's some additional readings I found interesting today. If you have a few extra minutes to kill, you may be mildly amused...
  • Technology: A friend at work was drooling today over gaming possibilities with the Nvidia GeForce 7 Series. Admitedly, the new video cards look impressive.

  • Mindless Entertainment: This is really old, but entertained me for a while today: I thought I'd give a shout out Burger King's Subservient Chicken. Enjoy watching your free video slave "dance like John Travolta."

  • In the News: Whoopdie-do for 10 more years of the Patriot Act, signed into Congress today. The justification being, since there were no "atual record(s) of abuse," it *makes sense* to extend legislation.
Stay Cool Today
At the risk of sounding completely random, make sure you stay cool today. In Lawrence, the heat index is remarked to peak at 115 today. Absolutely dreadful.

Stay techie ;)


Dubhthach said...

I'm disapointed with the name. Tbh longhorn sounds ahell lot more interesting then Vista, still by time it comes out it be interesting to compare it with Mac OsX on Intel. As basically Longhorn implements alot of eye candy that OsX has had for last couple of years.

As for the temp, well apart form fact that ye should use a proper temp system :P here it's only 18c (bout 65F) and humid

Thia Michelle said...

If you liked the first name, you must sympathize with Texans... which means you're racist. :-p

Dubhthach said...

Meow!! saucer of milk? :-P