Saturday, October 08, 2005

KU Quarterbacks Wilt Under Pressure

I'm so upset right now, I'm not even sure what to say about game day in Manhattan.

Dominating Rushing with over three times the yardage of K-State, we *still* lose 12-3. In response to our outstanding defensive effort, our offense lost 3 of 4 fumbles and had a collective <20% completion of passes.

Freshman Marcus Hereford was the one Quarterback whose explosive 34-yard trick pass to Gordon and back that got our offensive momentum back... and then we pull him from the game.

Rushing. Rushing worked. Cornish gets it done, but then, we'd have to get him the ball.

How many games are we going to have to lose before our Offensive Coordinator calls the plays that our team is actually good at?

Just to leave this on a somewhat happy note so I'm not suicidal:

The beta 2 of Firefox is released. Aside from breaking my Adblock extension, it's looking nice. Hurray for dragging text into search bars and links into the tab-toolbar for instant execution!

Man, open-sourced is getting good. ;)

Stay techie,

Saturday, October 01, 2005

KU Starts 0-1 for Conference Play

There's no shame in losing to number 16 ranked Texas Tech in our first game away, but having a passionate comeback putting up 10 points in 90 seconds in the beginning of the second half deflated by a disjointed offensive effort is disheartening to say the least. Final score: 30-17 Texas Tech.

Hats off to the Defense
Absolutely incredible stops that kept us in the game while our QB choked throwing down the field. I can't blame Luke too harshly; as much as I appreciate what Mangino is doing for our program, our play calls are truly a mystery to me. Throwing on a first down when Luke started out 8 of 18 passes in the first quarter and 1 interception. Umm... something isn't working.

Offense that Works
It seemed the only thing that *did* work offensively was the combined running efforts of Cornish and Simmons. We show great potential. If we can get over our clumsy passing game, who knows how this program will grow over the next few weeks? I'm truly at a loss.

See you next week in Manhattan :)