Monday, November 29, 2004

An Abuse of Links on Food and Love

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OK. So it's officially winter --says the weather channel--so let the blogging begin.

I'm completely frustrated with the amount of homework needed to graduate with any kind of useful degree. Who really cares about implementing a couple sorting algorithms using a Stack class instead of recursion anyway? Probably not you.

Oh well... at least Bambino's is still open and I'm dating the most wonderful man in the world (Hi, Jeremy!) who will pick me up some toasted ravioli just because...

*Sigh* Ahh to be in love.

Quick check: No ring, no date, so it's back to homework. :)

Make sure you catch the game and support our team. This year is it!

4.0! 4.0! 4.0!

Talk to you soon!

Hello World...

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Hi, this is Thia! This is my shout out to the world to let you know I'm here. More soon!