Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Usher in the New Year with Photo Galleries

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Happy New Year Everybody!
It's about 5 in the morning, so I hope this all makes sense...

I just wanted to wish everyone Happy New Year and let ya'll know that I've posted a couple of photo galleries with pictures of you guys from Jordan's New Year's party and the Geogia Tech game so far in my sidebar. It took a loooooooooong time to manage all of it, so I'm not sure how many more of these I will post if I ever do again. But here they are and it has to be said that my friends sure are beautiful people. :)

(No! There are no thumbs... Nobody better ask me for any thumbs, grrr. But feel free to download at your leisure/surf.)

*Sniff, sniff* We miss you already, Mark. Make sure you keep in touch with us hicks still stuck out here in Kansas!

Alright, goodnite.

Love you guys!


Dena Marie said...

Love the pics. It looks like you guys sure had fun on New Year's Eve. I didn't get too many, but I had a lot of fun too. I wish I could have been at that game with you all. I was at work all day. But we got to watch the game from there. It was awesome. Go Jayhawks!!! Talk to you later. Love ya, T.
**Dena Marie**

C said...

Thanks for visiting my page. This is what people took offense to: http://www.geocities.com/chgrymes/chriswords.html

It's lame, but I'm dealing with some serious conservative people.