Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Thia Michelle

Not white, not exactly...

One of my readers (thanks for visiting, btw) caught me out and about in cyberspace, commented on my "unique features" and questioned my ethnicity. I can understand the confusion about my heritage and don't mind answering questions like these in the least.

I am biracial; my mother is white and father, black. Purportedly, I may be slightly more white given my father's heritage may have included a slave-owner, but I can't be certain.

All of my siblings are half-siblings on my mother's side and have no black heritage in their lineage. So, my niece Elizabeth for example, pictured in the "Elizabeth" post is completely white, although she's half-German, so maybe she's "mixed" as well, depending on where each individual draws ethnic lines. ;)

It should be noted as well that I additionally color and straighten my hair just to keep y'all on your toes. To see a picture of me somewhat more natural, click here.

In closing, I feel I'm in good company. Such celebrities as Halle Berry and Eagle Eye Cherry are mixed this way as well.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

V. nice explanation. I have never even thought about your color...c'est la vie.

teeta said...

How beautiful would a flower garden be if all the flowers were the same color? You are beautiful in
every race. And your father and I could not be
prouder to have had something to do with bringing
you into this world. Love you

Anonymous said...

cindy deine webside ist geil cih freude mich das du mir eine schance gibst das ich dich und die andere sehen can he da ist einer wo gross ist der gerl sieht sau geil aus ist der singel cindy.....ok ich gehe mal diese webside is a cool one i love you ....say good bye from now from germany ..Tanja Crawford

Anonymous said...

Hi bins wieder deine schwester aus deutschland .he tia sage paps hallo from mir ich vermisse euche alle cu bis bald tanja

BeachPirate1976@comcast.net said...

Hi Thia.

Love your pics...absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You're stunning!

In the pic of you with your natural curly hair, was that your natural hair color, or was that dyed?

Your family is adorable as well, by the way.