Thursday, December 30, 2004


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Say 'Hi' to Jeremy:
So, one of my commenters has maliciously incinuated that I have an 'imaginary boyfriend' to make myself sound cooler. (Sean is really really mean... lol) Anyway, this picture of my niece and him is proof. Everybody wave!

Visiting Friends
Jeremy's friend, Mark, is over here and goofing off, so I'm gonna close here for now and go watch. Hopefully in an hour or so, I'll return with a pic or two of him in a dress ;).

Camera Gluttony
Elizabeth is my niece who is in town for the New Year's weekend. She and I had a little fun with the camera, so if you're bored, you can cruise through some of our pictures; I will link you to a gallery soon below. Happy viewing y'all!

Love ya!

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teeta said...

My two favorite girls. Love these pics. Beauties..both

Dena Marie said...

So, I guess you never got the pic of Mark in a dress. It seems like you all are having fun this weekend. Lots of visitors, Lots of fun! Cute pics of you and Elizabeth. I am glod that you all got to hang out and do a lot together while she was here this weekend. Talk to you soon.
**Dena Marie**