Monday, December 27, 2004

Summing up 2004

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Whew... it has been a little while since my last post and so much has happened... I thought I'd catch you guys up before this becomes last year's news. :)

So, I got to celebrate with by boyfriend's family earlier this month for his grandparent's 60th anniversary. (Wow! Congrats to them...) Below is a picture of me with his family: Travis (Jenny's husband), Erin (Jeremy's cousin), Kenny (Erin's Dad) and Me, Thia.

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The trip was a lot of fun and I've posted some cool thumbs of the awesome cake and some of us hanging out. Ironically enough, I don't have any pics up yet of Jeremy's grandparents... which is dumb :) so I will have to update this page soon.

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Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
KU Basketball is in full swing. Here are a couple of pics from the South Carolina game we almost lost... (yikes!) you know, the game when the clean ball-stripping off Simien broke his thumb and landed him on the bench for 4-6 weeks. And you did hear me right: no foul called.

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Friends are still a whole lot of fun :) Kelly and Josh above are some of mine. They're major band nerds (hehe) and also super cool, so if you see 'em on campus make sure to say hi. Oh, and that's me and Big Jay just to show I've got major connections. *sigh* I know you're jealous. ;)

Love y'all...
My fingers are tired now and that's all I have today. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I will see ya next year!



Sean said...

Ok Thia, you wanted me to post a comment. [grin] So, here it goes. [/grin]

Why has it been 20 days since your last post. KIDDING. I know that Dena has been giving you crap about that. I haven't posted a new blog in over a week myself. [sigh] I had better get on that before Dena realizes it.

My maternal grandparents were married for over 65 years. That is so inspiring! Glad to hear you were able to partake in a 60 yr ann. party. I find it odd that there are no pics of Jeremy yet. I you sure he is your boyfriend? I'm starting to think he is more like your imaginary friend. [GRIN]

I trust you will have a safe and wonderful end to 2004. Take care. I look forward to your next story on the other blog.


Dena Marie said...

I am so glad that you posted a comment. I missed you blogging with me. I love all the fun pics and all your stories/information that you gave. I am glad that school is officially over til Jan 18th or something. We only have a short while before another semester begins. I need to post soon, too. It'll be hard to break your record of not posting too. I think that Sean is going for it though. Talk to you soon. Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!!
**Dena Marie**

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