Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Just a Shorts update...

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OK, tell all your friends Thia's Collected Shorts is up and running. I've posted a couple stories already and will continue to do so regularly. I won't be updating on this page about progress to that site anymore. So if you want to read my stuff, go there. :)

Recent News: I went to my boyfriend's g-parents anniversary and got some awesome pics coming soon (cute kids!).

KU Sports are going great, too! Mangino, don't leave! Next year is going to be awesome and this year's was a HUGE success, regardless of our record. We love you at KU.

Well, I'm busy, busy so make sure you guys keep in touch!

Love ya!


Dena Marie said...

You are asleep and we have a big final in the morning. I miss you. I want to study with you, but the chair behind me is empty. :o( I hope you wake up soon to start studying. But it is only 12:30 am and you won't probably be up for a couple more hours. See you soon, and I can't wait til break when we can have fun and play with our blogs all the time. Wow, the way I said that sounded kind of dirty. Better keep working on my crib sheet. Love you!

David said...


Ok, I only felt slightly reprimanded, but it's all valid. Here's my problem. When it comes to the coding in a page, I become a perfectionist. I don't want extra tags that aren't necessary, stuff like that. I mentioned that I didn't like embedded CSS, that falls under the same category. I do understand the power and flexibility of using CSS in webdesign, but I prefer to keep the pages seperate of each other rather than on the same page. Check out my webpage for an example of what I'm refering to. Most of my webpages I do are a combination of HTML, CSS, Java Scripts, PHP, and MySQL. I don't like to use programs to edit it for me, so I'm a notepad kind of guy, this keeps my code extremely clean, which is one of the reasons I removed the information on the guy who created the page, along with the blogger button. Anyhow, I do plan on revamping the entire template as time permits, so it shouldn't be long that he's not getting proper credit. I probably should have though twice. Anyhow, I'd love to chat Tech sometime with you, I hear you know your stuff (from Dena). Ok, I need to go.

Dena Marie said...

Hey T,
I hope you are enjoying your Winter Break. You should be all done now with school. I am waiting for a new post on your blog. See you later today. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Thia -

I just wanted to wish Happy Holidays to you and Jeremy. I hope that your much-needed break is fabulous! Take care!

- Lauren

teeta said...

know you have been stressed, and tired....but I think you are fantatic...and I will be so glad to see this semester over for you. Keep on being you..you are who I have always wanted to be when I grow up. I love you soooooo big.