Thursday, August 25, 2005

KU Gets Kicked While They're Down

Football Media Attention
So, I got my wish (sort of).

KU Football is certainly making headlines these days with the Ringwood arrest and allegations that he attacked a forty-something man and his wife outside a concert. This attention isn't exactly what I had in mind in my previous post.

With the onset of this incident, exciting developments of our outstanding freshmen recruits and speculated atheletic growth in players such as Clark Green and our powerhouse Charles Gordon seem to fade to the background. KU's disciplinary actions have instead, receives the limelight... Great.

I haven't decided who I'm angrier with, the 20-year-old athelete casting a shameful light on the institution (and program) I think so highly of under already tense circumstances... or the local media for beating the incident to death and allowing it to overshadow our positive steps forward.

Are Our Freshmen Stupid?

While I'm venting about individuals making KU look bad, it seems to me that this wave of incoming freshmen are lacking in the common sense department.

For a little background, I'm working a couple on campus of jobs in the computer/internet trouble-shooting arena at ResNet and EGARC.

In this era of widespread computer accessibility where everyone and his dog owns a laptop, Ipod and PDA, each successive year of new-comers would be growing more and more computer savvy. At least that's what *I* thought.

Favorite Computer Questions at EGARC
  1. Can you help me open Word?
  2. OK, now how do you save this?
  3. So you guys are the computer people. Can you give me my Blackboard assignment?
  4. My class isn't in the room it's supposed to be in. Can you tell me where they went?
  5. Can you give me the video my instructor asked us to watch? She's the short one with brown hair.
Favorite Internet "Trouble-Shooting" Solutions from ResNet
Student Question: I can't get to the internet, what am I doing wrong?
Answer: Pick any of the following...
  1. You need an ethernet cord.
  2. (Related to 1) You need an ethernet cord that isn't broken, ie. the plastic terminating end is actually attached.
  3. When the window pops up asking if you want to continue, click "OK."
  4. You actually need to *run* the security program you downloaded from our site.
  5. Try the web-browser.
These guys aren't the *norm,* but are more frequent than one would hope. Am I being too harsh?



J.U. said...

No, not really. A webiste to show you that there are a whole lot of inquisitive idiots.

Thia Michelle said...

Great link... thanks

PBS said...

Maybe a bit as you're an expert and they're newbies. But it's GOT to be annoying to answer the same basic questions over and over, so who wouldn't get sick of it?

Thia Michelle said...

Maybe so, *sigh*

I do get frustrated sometimes w/ Daddy's little princesses that expect to get bumped to first in line and yell at you when you don't "fix it NOW!"

Especially when their "problem" is they don't know how to click "Next."

Thanks for another perspective

Dubhthach said...

"l"users are the bain of anybody who has the misfortune to work on "Hell-Desk", there's not much you can do but Grin and bare it.

Anonymous said...

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