Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Big 12 Stadiums on Google Maps

Gearing up for Football Season
Like a good little Jayhawk, I spent a sickening amount of the day complaining about the rise in tuition and book costs while simulatneously opting to foot another $120 for the Sports Combo Ticket in Enroll and Pay.

The Big 12:
Jeremy actually compiled this list during the Google Maps craze. So, if you have a few minutes to waste and want to check out our stadiums:

Support Our Team
No doubt, Lawrence is all about basketball. And with good reason... but with football season less than a month away our local paper is still talking about nothing but freshmen B-ball recruits. Their excuse is pure economics: basketball stories gross triple the hits online vs. football... even in football season.

So visit KUSports and click on some football links to promote more writing. We got the cover story today... Hopefully, this can help get Lawrence excited to see what Mangino and the team can do.

Tailgating, Tailgating, Tailgating

I couldn't be more pumped up. With the last season defeat of K-State thanks to our uber-stud coach, all football-fan eyes are set on one thing...

Nebraska ;)

See you at the stadium September 3rd. This should be fun,
-T :)


PBS said...

I love watching football, but haven't followed those teams.

Dru said...

Your right about working a lot. Next week we will have time to rest.