Sunday, August 28, 2005

I Want to Be a Coach

How's Mangino's $600k salary as an incentive to pick up sport coaching? Nice...

Anyway, here are some pics of our new football scoreboard.

It doesn't appear to be completely finished, but still is looking pretty nice. So fans willing to spend the $225/game for season tickets (non-students) will be able to decide which direction they want to crook their heads to see by exactly how much we're slaughtering Nebraska... North or South.

Game 1 is less than a week away... do you have your tickets yet? :)



lieke!!! said...

i love my thia!

Randal W. Lovelace said...

Thia, Thanx for stopping by my blog, I use the Gimp for all of my art, and photomanipulation. My ISP is down for a bit, (at work typing on bosses T-1 Internet connection)
I will be posting more soon, including a plea for help for Katrina Victoms.

PBS said...

Sport coaching would be a good field to get into, for sure!