Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello from California

Thia Michelle Cook with short hair
Hair cut - Side view
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The hiatus is over
My mother-in-law brought to my attention this morning that if Jeremy and I are not going to call family in Kansas often, I better at least be posting updates to my blog before she "sends out the calvary."

My apologies for not staying in better touch. I promise I'll do better, and this is my first stab at it :)

Yesterday, I cut my hair shorter than it's been since I was six years old. Above, you'll see some pics I took this morning of it. My hairdresser, Mackenzie, even remarked how much hair was on the floor, and continued cutting away. I wanted the back to be pretty short, and then angle longer by the face. I brought in a picture of Rhona Mitra in Doomsday. Mackenzie opted to go more conservative, and I can't say I'm sad. It seems to fit pretty well.

I'm sure Dad will hate it. Your thoughts?

I can has a cheezburger?
Jeremy bought a standing mixer yesterday. Yet another piece of evidence, that his newest cooking hobby/fixation/obsession isn't going away any time soon. And that's pretty much awesome. Over the past several months, I've been "forced" to try out his kitchen experiments, including: chicken teriyaki, lamb vindaloo, beer burgers, and grilled shrimp. Today, he'll add baking goods and pastries to the list. Life is sure rough, out here :) I'll need to keep an eye on my waistline!

Writing Update...
I've been writing on Chromosome Black, but haven't pushed anything up here yet. I've also started a new story I'd like to write in tandem. It's inspired by a creepy dream I had a few months back that involved a distant future Earth that is nearly completely aquatic. Civilizations of people had been built along the ocean floor in large plastic domes that mimicked the old surface ecosystems of the past and people rely on these structures for their safety. I don't want to give away too much, now. I hope you enjoy reading when I push it up.

I'm off to do some homework. I'd love to read about life in Ks. Leave a comment.



Jeremy said...

Your hair rocks.

As for Kansas, well, in Kansas we have this stuff called wheat. You can make bread with it. Oh, and we have a national championship.

The end.

Sheri said...

Hair looks good. Want to see the front view....

Thanks for updating the blog, no calvary being sent for the moment.

Sheri said...

Oops, just found the other pictures - hair looks great!

Dena Marie said...

Hey!! I haven't checked this in quite a while. Pretty cool that I checked it and it hasn't even been too long since you posted. The post was nice. I have been recently trying to update my blogs a little more as well. I got my hair all cut off in November and have cut it once more since then. Kind of crazy that I cut 10 inches off after my wedding and another 11 inches about 15 months later. I am enjoying the short hair though. Glad to hear you are doing well. Take care!

Thia Michelle said...

Thanks, Dena :)

I cut 7 inches off, and I'm pretty surprised with how fast it's growing back. Can't see my tattoo anymore :(

Short hair is fun. Gotta change it up, right?