Friday, February 08, 2008

Why Thia is for Hillary

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I'm convinced in my mind that Hillary is the right candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

It's time for change on women's issues.
That picture up there is of me. From a person from African-American heritage *and* a woman, I will put before you my opinion from experience that our country has progressed much (*much*) further in our battles with racism than discrimination based on gender. I'm not saying racism is gone; that there is admittedly some work that needs to be done here. I can say that I believe we have much more pressing battle to fight.

Let's not mistake the urgency of the moment. Hillary makes our country face our own sexism. Oh, it's there; and it's very unpopular to mention. We live in a time when women who argue for equal pay are seen as radicals and sexist rhetoric is accepted as mainstream.

My husband put it well yesterday when he commented on his experience reading political blogs and comments. He observed not a single person called Barack Obama the infamous n-* word. No, how could they? They would be censored off respectable message boards in an instant and labeled a racist.

On the other hand, it's difficult to find a forum absent of the b-* word referring to Hillary.

... And we're used to it. It's almost a subconscious acceptance that ambitious, aggressive women will be hated among their peers and counterparts. I wish I could have the piece of mind to believe that the criticism Hillary draws is even 50% due to her perceived political unworthiness, rather than our overall discomfort with seeing a woman pursuing a role of public leadership.

I can think of nothing better to address this than to elect not only the best candidate, but an intelligent, capable and effective woman to the White House office.

I did my research
Almost top to bottom, I agree with Hillary's political stances. From the environment, to the war, to education and health care she is absolutely spot on. In fact, for all that Hillary stands superior to Obama, he has only one worthy of her rebuttal: he has admitedly more charisma. This quality is an admirable one, and admitedly has value. But it's not enough for me to overlook the qualifications in which he doesn't measure up. Obama can put together a very inspirational speech, but I'm underwhelmed with my confidence he can do the kind of hard-lifting it will take in the next administration to get things done.

In a nutshell
It's time for change. America doesn't need just any woman President. In fact, I think it's reasonable to assert that the first one will need to be exceptional. No, I believe instead that it's time for the *right* woman President - and that nominee is here. It's time for Hillary.

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Anonymous said...
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Jeremy said...

Then you have someone like the idiot who wrote this article...

...and we wonder why Hillary has such a tough time with sexism. I'm not saying women are to blame for the sexism they face, but crap like the article above doesn't help.

At least the black community seems to care when someone rolls out the n-word or tosses around a ridiculous stereotype. Some women seem to enjoy and encourage sexist behavior. Overcoming sexism is going to be a long, hard fight.

Thia Michelle said...

That article... can't be real.