Sunday, March 12, 2006

In the True Spirit of Dorothy

Lawrence Tornado - Mar. 12
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A tornado brushed through my home town a couple of hours ago and left this 4X4 in Jeremy's little brother's room as a present. Apparently, God has been pained by my prayers unloading *exactly* how much I miss my fiance back at home and debated on transporting the man my way Himself.

6:45 am - No Warning
Dad called this morning to let me know that he was OK, just in case I saw anything in the news. He had woken up to some "strange wind" and upon investigating the source saw a tornado across the street making its way inside the curb. I promised to call him back after checking on Mom and Jeremy.

Mom answered the phone. She told me a gust of wind walked across Iowa St. By the time she noticed rotation, it was too late. The suction from the wind prevented her from getting downstairs. She waited it out in a second-story bathroom.

Jeremy said Jason was looking out his bedroom window (the 2nd window) when this piece of the fence came through the wall. He urged me to check out his pics of the damage.

I decided to call Mom back first. Was there no siren? She said they did blow after everything was all over.

She closed with: At least *we* don't get earthquakes.

Weather in California No Picnic
It's amazing how a person can leave an area looking forward to great weather and end up bringing a little piece of home along with. Such has been my experience, anyway. It's annoying at best to hear this part of the state is receiving abnormally bad weather for the season the winter I decide to make the trip. It's been cold and raining for > a week and last week we even got some hail.

Yup, small < dime-sized chunks of ice fell from the sky on our way home from work. On our bolt to the car, we worked past a huddle of stunned employees murmuring to each other: what is it? and our kids are gonna get sick.

But, I suppose all this pales in comparison with today's events back home. There's a lot to be thankful for. I hope that like me, everyone finds their loved ones safe. And I'm grateful God changed His mind at the last minute and decided to leave my Jeremy right where he is.


Jeremy said...

Baby, you typo'd my blog URL. :)

Love you.

Thia Michelle said...

fixed, baby :)