Sunday, March 12, 2006

Brackets are In!!

It could be said that I'm having a pretty good day. I just got to watch KU topple a very confused Texas team to win the Big 12 Tournament. And when I say won, I mean a solid 12 point victory: 80-68. Travis has promised to blast Queen's We Are the Champions for the rest of the evening.

My boss is a KU alumnus w/ TiVo and a fifty-something-inch HD system. How many times do you think we watched Wright's single-axel dunk? Freeze-frame. Slow-motion. Real-time. Freeze-frame. Hmmm, can't answer that one. 360 degrees... unbelievable. The whole team was on.

So, we're #4 seed now. Apparently the tourny win wasn't enough to compensate for early season losses to K-State, etc. It doesn't really matter. Not today.

So maybe Jeremy's brother had to dislodge a life-size hunk of wood from the exterior of his room and most of my home town is still without power. No biggie. By now, I'm sure the bars with functioning roofs and electricity in Lawrence are packed with drunken citizens who've aready forgotten about the property and structural damage to their homes and businesses.

It's probably the best day ever.

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