Saturday, June 11, 2005

I *LOVE* the Summer


My Grades Breakdown

It is so amazingly cool that summer is finally here and that last summer is but a glimmer of a memory that will hopefully fast fade away. Here's the breakdown of my teachers last semester and what I thought of them on a four star system.

InstructorClassMy GradeTeachingDifficulty
Prof. DonovanSOC 160A*******
Prof. KlayderENGL 314A*****
Prof. SchimekCOMS 130A?WorthlessAn Abomination
Prof. WarrenHIST 128A*****
Mr. OhleENGL 353B***
Prof. KongEECS 210B********+

I'm not sure why I felt the need, but I gave each of these teachers a full review you can click on to read. Also, I posted my notes for anyone taking these courses to download here. Enjoy ;)

The question mark is for the teacher that still hasn't posted my grade, so I'm not sure what I got, but I expect an A. By far, my favorite teachers were Prof. Kong and Prof. Donovan.

Summer Projects...

This should be great fun! I'm working a bit and taking 3 hrs this summer... Jeremy and I are working on a site together. I will post a link to that soon. In the meantime, check out the new Church Site I'm building here.

Other than that, here's to relaxing and swimming my days away!


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J.U. said...

I had Kinnersley as my EECS 210 professor, but I had Kong for the discussion. That guy was tough.