Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dexter Season Five Finale Predictions

So, we all know how stellar the writing is on this Showtime brainchild starring starring Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Julia Stiles (this season). Tonight is the Season Five Dexter Finale, so it’s about time to do another round of predictions. Let's skip the boring intro and get to the questions!

Will Deb find out about Dexter's dark passenger?
No. But, LaGuerta might? Let's start with Deb. We've watched her evolve this season from a foul-mouthed, awkward cadet to a full-fledged threat to Dexter's livelihood. Gone are the days of Dexter's insecure little sister: today, she is a seasoned Detective with razor sharp instincts. In fact, considering how long Dexter has been in the game, Deb seems to be closing the gap faster, though admittedly, Dexter hasn't exactly been on his A game this season. I would hope a collision like this would take place earlier in the season... in a different season. Showtime writers consistantly tell us they don't make plans for future seasons when writing the current one. I hope in this case, that's not true. In Dexter-land, where the scruntiny is perpetually increased in the office, sharpening Dexter's honing, I can think of nothing more rewarding than a Morgan on Morgan cat-and-mouse chase.

So, Showtime. If you're reading: *PLEASE* make good on this "promise" from this season's foreshadowing. We've only begun to see this new Deb... and we like. :)

Moving onto LaGuerta. What are they doing with this chick this season besides completely corrupting her? I ask myself if LaGuerta were to find out that Dexter was somehow involved in killing the Barrel Girl killers, what would she do?

My answer: absolutely nothing.

Afterall, it would make the department and most importantly herself look bad. I smell a coverup. I know (believe me, I know) it's a stretch... but we have to throw the risky predictions out there with the "sure things" or else making them is no fun! So, there it is. If I'm right about the Deb progression next season: Dexter -> Deb -> LaGuerta might make for an interesting triangle in Season Six.

Who dies?
Jordan Chase, of course. We won't be denied this payoff. Lumen is also a possible contender (more on that below).

What happens to Lumen?
Say goodbye. Lumen’s gotta go tonight.

For some, this will be delightful news and others (like myself) will be bummed. Julia Stiles had enormous shoes to fill after John Lithgow’s performance last season. Her role is completely different, and also completely satisfying. I love Dexter having a partner in crime in concept. And their celebratory kill after “encounter” got my blood pumping as much as anyone (what? I’m human!)

But, the unfortunate fact remains that she’s not an evolutionary character: she’s a device to evolve Dexter’s. She’s the same traumatized wreck we first encountered in the third episode of the season, albeit with a little more *culinary* technique.

Dexter, on the other hand, is nearly unrecognizable as a new sloppy, code-less (that's right - he can kill anyone this season), risk-taking romantic.

Astor summed up Lumen's character well earlier in the season when she accused Dexter of helping Lumen to make himself “feel better” about not saving Rita. For Dexter, Lumen in many ways symbolizes redemption.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be completely taken aback if the writers allowed Lumen to slip up and kill an innocent, so Dexter could take care of her himself and thus, bringing him full circle back to the code.

So, to sum up: Thia’s prediction is that Lumen definitely makes her finale tonight. She’ll fly back home, go into the arms of her ex or meet some other untimely demise. Besides, as Lumen gets better, she'll only make things easy on Dexter to accomplish his darkly deeds... and we can't have that in Season Six.

Will Dexter be touched by the Liddy aftermath?
No. So there's a body in a van. Small potatoes. Dexter has dealt with much worse. Quinn has a bloody shoe. This will be no problem for Dexter.

See you at 9pm!
This concludes my predictions. Feel free to poke holes or post some of your own. We'll see what pans out in a few hours!


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Dexter Fanatic said...

Nicely done! I just watched the finale and you nailed all of them except the LaGuerta maybe thing. You are an A+++ Dexter fanatic.