Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pre-New Year Resolution

Sometimes, I think my daughter might be an alien.

Under the precious 14-month-old squishy face, making kissy sounds to Mama lives a small monster. The cuteness, in fact, is all a lie to suck away all productivity while I try to work at the home, talk to Jeremy or pen a story.

Lately, however, I've been given a reprieve. Hayden has reached her "cuddly" stage, so I've had more downtime available to me. The result of this reprieve is a small stack of stories. Jeremy encourages me (as always) to begin posting again here. How I've missed you! I hope to keep this up.

So, I wrote this story with her sitting in my lap, laptop only inches out of her reach. Though, she did occasionally hit the space bar.

It’s a fan-fiction piece to a beloved Sci Fi icon from my childhood. To fellow fans, I hope it’s received with the respect I intend because it brought me a lot of joy to pen it down.

I present for your approval "Chess with Skynet."

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