Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Do Democrats Have Too Much Pride?

Hillary and Barack
Obama vs. Hillary
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See how happy they look? Why can't we learn the value of good comradeship like these two? *sigh*

Democrats are... Defectors?
Now, I'm a Democrat and am probably going to catch all kinds of crap for this.

Let me begin with saying that I'm a Hillary supporter. Yep, I felt the sting last Tuesday when I watched her campaign chances all but dwindle down to zero. I'm still donating on my recurring campaign automated schedule and I'm behind her as long as she's in it (and today, it sounds like she is definitely in it to stay). But, I'm not in complete denial that pending a miracle, she's about done.

Okay, fine. So, it sucks... but we don't always get what we want. When/if she’s counted out, I'll give myself a couple weeks to sulk, then I'll start buying Obama buttons.

A significant number of us seem to disagree. I felt a wave of genuine nausea last Tuesday at a polling statistic touted by MSNBC. Only 48% of Indiana and North Carolina Hillary supporters would support Obama in the election should she lose. Less than half?!

If Obama wins, nationally, 28% of Hillary supporters will vote... McCain?! Obama supporters are a little better at 19%.

Today, that number is up to almost 50%, with only 34% of West Virginian Hillary supporters willing to support Obama in the national election should he win the nomination.

What’s the deal? This is beyond Obama's image getting muddied over Hillary throwing a little dirt.

And it’s bigger than a demographic.

I am so tired of hearing that Hillary supporters are uneducated racists. I’m a college graduate, twenty-something minority female engineer. I’m sure that Hillary has a few bigots in her clan, probably as many sexists that have flocked to Obama. But I digress.

It's a Simple Question of Policy, Right?
When it comes down to policy, it’s a struggle to find any two serious candidate contenders more aligned than Hillary and Barack.

We’re saying (and by we, I mean Democrats), that after our self-professed general political alignment with the Democratic ideals, if we lose Hillary, we’d opt to prolong/send more the war and make Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy permanent?!

Either, we haven’t been paying close attention to what Hillary plans to do in the White House, or something else is going on.

I’m going with door #2… and I think it’s pride.

We Need to Swallow It Down
We can all take a lesson from Alanis on this one. Why? Because we absolutely can lose this Presidential election if we don't get it together.

Some of us have been very invested in the campaigns and have listened to all the speeches. We think Obama is just great, (really, we think he's a nice guy). But we just aren’t convinced he would make as strong of a President compared with Hillary. Over time, that perception of him as “motivational,” “great” and all-round nice guy has become tainted. It’s probably not even Obama’s fault.

It’s the same reaction that happens when we see an evangelist on the street corner holding up a sign reading: “Jesus loves you.” Even fellow Christians cringe and cross the street.

See, no one likes to be preached to (in fact, by now, you're probably already growing sick of my rant), and there are a lot of Obama (and yes, I know, Hillary) zealots out there touting their candidate as the holy messiah to save us from all things unhappy.

I've felt it, too.

But, at the end of the day, I hope I can take a deep breath and realize that it’s the reason this dang nomination is dragging out so long: it’s hard for us to choose between two strong candidates.

And, our country needs a Democrat to clean up our current mess/disaster that Republicans seem to be in denial about. If Hillary doesn’t make it, Obama can and will be an excellent choice. The nominee is going to need our support.

So, if it’s pride (and I think it is), how do we fix it by November?

Comments? Leave them below.

On to other stuff...

I Was Dugg, Yay!
It's not a significant accomplishment compared with any serious blogger (I got a whopping 10 and 4 for two articles here). And it'll probably never happen again, but I was excited enough to add the Digg widgets to my blog.

So, now, I can be more easily mocked when I all my subsequent post diggs sit at zero :)

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Jeremy said...

Great post. As an Obama supporter, I agree with your conclusion that it's all about pride at this point.

At one point, I got so frustrated with the stuff Hillary was saying that I swore I'd vote for any Republican nominee before I'd vote for her in the general. Once I calmed down a bit, I knew that wasn't true. If Hillary pulls this out, even if it's shady, I'll still vote for her in the fall. I hate this stupid war far more than I dislike her politics.

Thia Michelle said...

Not exactly a glittering statement of support, but I'll take it coming from you.

How do you think McCain is going to pull off deploying more troops into Iraq without the employing the draft?

Becky C. said...

Hey thanx for stopping by my blog--so I discovered yours--which I adore. I am doing something, which though not a big deal, I don't usually do, and immediately adding you to my blogroll.


teeta said...

Ok kid, you have convinced me. I like your hubby am an Obama supporter. Really don't like Hillary much...but they have run a good race...I was one of the ones who said I wouldn't vote for her on a bet. I was wrong...you are right. It is pride and stupid pride. We need to have enough of us to cancel out your brother. lol
and the bottom line is...NO MCCAIN.
To bad you can't send that blog to newsweek. More people need to read it. It strong. Makes me glow with pride to say "world, that's my daughter"

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!!!! We need to cancel BOTH of your brothers.

Ben said...

i honestly dont care about political platforms. im more interested in a woman becoming president. if she doesnt make it, then wow a black president. its a bold move by american society.