Thursday, September 28, 2006

So, What Happens to Callahan if We Win Again This Saturday?

I promise I'll get back to my story shortly (this week!), but I just want to get some things off my chest.

Jayhawks vs. Cornhuskers
OK, the inescapable truth is that we're taking on Nebraska again on Saturday in Lincoln. I say inescapable, not because I'm dreading it. More so, because our college message boards are S-A-T-U-R-A-T-E-D with posts about the upcoming game. You'd think this is because our loyal Jayhawks are just as excited as a little teddy bear about the upcoming rematch. Well... wrong again.

Our KU ATHLETIC BOARDS are seething with... Cornhuskers? Check it out for yourself. I'm not kidding. And they've been there in noticable numbers since Monday.

Jeremy has been roaring up a storm from our computer room every evening before bed reading Nebraska commenters on our boards. It kind of makes you want to mention: you guys are all aware that we're not playing until the weekend, right?

Note to the Cornhuskers: Maybe it's time to accept this. Last year, we beat you. I mean, we CRUSHED you. And this doesn't make you bad people... it's really going to be OK. And you're going to get a chance to redeem yourselves.

OK, but seriously: I think this may be a bitter pill for the Cornhuskers. Because our northern neighbors will have to come to terms with one of two things ->

1. Nebraska will have to admit that KU has a decent and improving football program these days, and they lost, fair and square to the better team.

- OR -

2. KU still sucks... and thus, Nebraska has devolved into a program that sucks worse than we do.

And before you recant me, I already know:
Chelsea Cornhusker says to linux_chick(me):
"But, but... we were rebuilding last year. B-because the West Coast offense. And-and we beat Troy last week. So, we're almost back to winning National Championships like in the '90s... because we beat TROY!

DA*@#$*@@!! WE BEAT TROY!!"

Linux_chick to Chelsea Cornhusker:
Thia and Jeremy at KU v. Nebraska
I know this is killing you. It's going to be OK, Chelsea.

Now I'll sign off on a more serious note: Good luck to you, Nebraska. I know I'm looking forward to Saturday :)


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Anonymous said...

Okay favorite daughter in law - when are you going to update this page??? I want more story...I want more of what's going on in your lives...I want pictures.