Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pale Ale, Jewelry and Spicy Food

Before the Needle
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Intel sucks for getting our checks out to us late this week... but I had to resist the impulse to take a photo of the thing when it did finally come in. It's the most beautiful check I've ever seen: lots of 0s, which is not too shabby for an intern. What to do with an extra several-thousand-dollar relocation check. Oh, I know!

Fun Dollars
*Mom, Don't read this section!*

So, I'm posting a pic I took last night because it has my left nostril in it. (Mom, if you're reading this, I'm sorry!). Piercing next weekend is most definitely on. Since I have to head up to Sacramento to get it done, the roommies suposedly are even coming for moral support. What else is there to do in California, right?

I suppose I shouldn't make it sound too boring, right? It's really not. This last week has been pretty eventful.

Activity Breakdown

Monday: Church Group
Travis went to Community Bible Church last Sunday and having a good impression, took me along to the college group. A healthy group of about 10 were just starting a study on Ecclesiastes; the discussion was so lively though, that we only made it to 1:2 by 9pm. Good times.

Friday: Recent College Graduate Dinner & House Party
This is a semi-official group at Intel that meets from time to time and promotes a sense of community among a younger crowd, obviously with similar interests. We (Travis, Craig and I) went along to the India House, which is kind of an upscale mall-restaurant serving Indian food. I had Curry Chicken and Flan(sp?): great but pretty spicy. Over dinner, the RCG group unofficially agreed plan a weekend getaway to San Fransisco in the next few weeks.

Later that night, Travis and Craig elected to watch Battlestar Galactica, while Adam and I went to a house party an RCG intern had invited us to. Everyone exchanged phone numbers for planning a trip to downtown Sacramento Saturday.

Saturday: Vegging & KU Basketball
We had to wake up at 9am to catch the KU vs. Iowa State game. But, it was well worth it to watch us pull off that win in Aimes. Fantastic.

Matt (an RCG from the house party Friday night) called with finalized plans on heading up to Sacramento, but pooped, I declined.

Later that night, Adam, Travis and I blew a combined $50 on dinner at BJs Pub. For some drama, we actually had to wait an hour before being seated, and decided to drive around looking for something else. But, since we took their table buzzer with us when we left he had to endure the thing beeping every 30 seconds-ish once it was out of range from the restaurant. We were so aggrivated, we ultimately just went back; it was totally worth it, though. Black Olive & Pepperoni Pizza + Pirhanna Pale Ale + an unpronouncable dessert = *Yum!* Can't do it every night, though.

Sunday: Church
Travis and I went to the 9:30 service at Community Bible Church. They taught a sermon from a video tape, which is different, but I'm totally hooked on the people and looking forward to the Ecclesiastes study tomorrow evening.


So, I have kept pretty busy I suppose. It helps ease the sting from missing home and especially, Jeremy. Ouch.

Before I go, a link hat's tip to Travis 's blog, where he posts more pictures and experience tidbits of our endeavors here in California.

I'll close this book here. Peace, -LC


Ilaiy said...

Personally a Piercing on the left nose makes a woman look much much better ... All the best .. you would look beautiful ..


Jeremy said...

Pictures! I demand pictures!