Thursday, March 17, 2005

Cincy plays dirty ball

So, I am a little peeved that my bracket is messed up for a round because Iowa lost today, but honestly... I thought hacking as a practiced strategy of basketball was reserved for bad free-throw shooters (cough... Shaq... cough), but I stand corrected. The battered and bruised Iowa team was sent home packing in the NCAAs this afternoon while Cincinatti's bullying-tactics earned them the right to progress into round two.

How are your brackets doing? See mine here.

On a plus! Spring Break is finally here, so more time for web-development and cyber-growth overall. Wohoo! My time is mine... muah ha ha ha ha... More soon :)



Anonymous said...

i know you have a boyfriend and it's cool. you have got to be the hottest computer girl i have ever seen and i just had to let you know.

Dubhthach said...

Woo-hoo, enjoy Spring Break, seen how good your web dev is going no doubt i'll get a chance to see what you've done for your church site sometime soon :P

anyways all the best, and don't be a stranger